AESTICY™ FACIAL STEAMER hydrates your face, opens up your pores and preps your face for a deep cleanse. Perfect if you suffer from dry skin during the winter or want to maximise the effect of your cleansing devices and products.

The sleek and modern design gives off a luxurious feel and makes it fit in, in whatever room you decide to place it in. Hydrate your skin to the max with the AESTICY™ FACIAL STEAMER.

  • Hydrates skin
  • Opens up pores
  • Improves skin tone and vibrancy
  • Boosts elasticity and firmness
  • Preps your skin for extraction


Prepping your face for a deep cleanse.

Fill up the container with water. Turn on the AESTICY™ FACIAL STEAMER. Let the mist hit your face for a couple of minutes or until you can feel your skin getting softer and a bit puffy.
Cleanse your face and finish the rest of your routine. 

Hydrating your face

The dehydration you're experiencing during the winter months is because of the low humidity in the air. To mitigate this you can simply fill up your AESTICY™ FACIAL STEAMER and let run in the background when you do other things. This will increase the humidity in the air and hydrate your face.

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