Are you tired of washing your face but the makeup stays on? If your face wash can’t even remove mascara, how is it going to remove dirt, dead skin, and other things our face comes into contact with?

Our premium device AESTICY™ ULTRASONIC SCRUBBER uses continuous ultrasonic waves to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin to keep your skin refreshed, rejuvenated, and ultra-smooth. It cleans with 24,000 vibrations per minute! The process of deep cleansing and peeling expels pollutants, dirt, and soot otherwise trapped in our skin. The tip of the blade concentrates the ultrasonic vibrations to give a focused deep cleanse direct to deep skin.
Micro-Dermabrasion Device
Exfoliates and re-surfaces the skin to promote skin health & facial renewal.
Nutrient Absorption
High-frequency vibrations help to break down and refine larger molecules such as VC and collagen.
Stimulate Blood Circulation
diminish fine lines and wrinkles, clarify acne and blemishes.

How To Use

  1. Remove all makeup if applied prior to use.
  2. Take a warm to a hot shower, use a warm to a hot towel over your face or steam your face for 5-10 minutes to allow pores to be opened and exposed before use.
  3. Apply your favorite facial cleanser and rinse.
  4. Move our AESTICY™ ULTRASONIC SCRUBBER back and forth. DO NOT keep the scrub in one place for more than 3 times.
  5. Use a cold towel or cold mask to close your pores and apply facial moisturizer when finished to shrink pores.

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