Our AESTICY™ BLACKHEAD REMOVER  is designed for a variety of skin types, you can easily adjust the suction levels according to your needs. Low Level can be used for sensitive skin, Medium Level for small blackheads and High Level for big blackheads or pores. 
✔️Armed with a convex lens, no APP needed, you can remove blackheads more efficiently and safely while checking real-time status without any delay.
✔️The Blackhead Remover can well treat a quite lot of skin problems such as large pores, blackhead, acne, rough and dull skin, and help you regain fine, smooth and brightening skin.
✔️Designed with three optional modes, strong suction mode is perfect for oily skin, comfort mode for normal skin, soft mode for sensitive skin.
✔️An inbuilt LED light allows you to effectively and securely clean the skin even in the dark environment.
✔️3 kinds of suction tip for different use, Meet the cleaning needs of different parts. You are advised to use the device once a week if you have sensitive skin, twice a week if you have oily skin, and combination skin should be separately cared.



1.Rinse your face with lukewarm water;
2.Apply a hot towel/face steam for 5 minutes to open the pores (35-40 ℃);
3.Start the suction right after applying the derived lotion;
4.Rinse your face again, then gently massage your face and rinse with cold water;
5.You can apply a face mask for daily skin care.



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