AESTICY™ LED THERAPY MASK is a beautiful, lightweight, and well-designed product. The product emits a comfortable warm light treatment that helps your skin with different skin concerns.


  • RED LIGHT : The red light penetrates your skin and can help increase the production of collagen in your skin and reduce the fine lines in your skin. It can also help with hyperpigmentation .
  • Blue LIGHT : The blue light has a shorter wavelength and affects the skin on the top. It's used to help to reduce acne/inflammation ,  can help reduce redness on the skin by increasing dermal blood flow.  
  • Orange LIGHT : The orange light can help lighten up the skin, has an anti-aging effect by stimulating collagen product and cellular oxygenation

How to use

Charge the mask for 20 minutes until the button emits blue light. 

When ready to use, push the button to choose your desired light setting preference


AESTICY™ LED THERAPY MASK should be used each day for 12 weeks to see some beneficial improvements on your skin. 

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